UT4 Throttle Operation
Before you can operate a locomotive on the layout you have to know how to use a throttle. If you have not already done so, please read and understand how to use a UT1 Throttle before you proceed here.

This description cannot show you all the things an experienced operator can about the UT4. Before you actually use a UT4 you should have someone show you the basics. There are quite a few functions that will be explained here.


Acquiring Your Locomotive.

Setting up the throttle to acquire your locomotive address is the first thing you will need to do. Select your locomotive address with the Address  turn switches just under the throttle knob. Make sure the Throttle knob is at the top or you will get the numbers backwards! Turn the Throttle knob fully counterclockwise.

Plug in the throttle to any LocoNet outlet. The plug is just like a modular telephone plug and the tab is always facing up. To unplug the throttle just press the tab and pull out the plug. DO NOT JUST PULL ON THE WIRE!

As you plug in the throttle the Status Indicator should glow a steady green color.  If the indicator is green blinking it means that you have selected an address of a consist that is NOT the top of that consist. You probably didn't mean to do this so dispatch the locomotive (see below) and try again. If the Status Indicator glows red that means that the locomotive is already acquired by another throttle (see Stealing below).


The function buttons operate decoder functions in your locomotive. Usually F0 turns the headlight on or off, F1 turns the bell on or off, F2 sounds the whistle (or horn), etc. To operate F7 through F12  you must hold down the Shift button (lower left) and press the appropriate button.

The Direction Switch has THREE positions - Forward, Brake, and Reverse. Forward and Reverse work as you expect. Placing the switch in the Brake or center position will work just like you turned the throttle down to zero - without actually turning the throttle.

As you follow your locomotive around the layout you will have to move around the layout with it. Simply unplug your throttle and move on to the next LocoNet outlet and plug in. It is VERY IMPORTANT to maintain control of your locomotive by insuring that you have your throttle plugged into a LocoNet outlet unless you are moving. Don't get distracted during your move. Make sure you plug back in as soon as possible.

If you move the Throttle knob while you are unplugged the UT4 will automatically shift to the new throttle setting when you plug back into the layout. 

Dispatching Your Locomotive

When you are done with your run session you need to dispatch your locomotive. To do this a four step process:
  1. Unplug the UT4.
  2. Press AND HOLD the Dispatch button.
  3. Plug in the UT4. The Status Indicator should glow faintly red.
  4. Release the Dispatch button. The Status Indicator should now glow bright red.


Sometimes you just have to steal control of a locomotive from another control. This can happen if the other control fails or because someone else had acquired the locomotive but failed to dispatch it out properly. To steal control of a locomotive:
  1. Unplug the UT4.
  2. Set the address of the loco you want to steal.
  3. Press AND HOLD the Steal button while plugging the in the throttle.
  4. Release the Steal button