Railfan Style Photos

Most photos of our layout are from a vantage point that would only be possible from an airplane (or blimp!) and don't show things as we would see them from a ground based perspective. These photos are different - they show the layout in photos as if a railfan were taking them.

The photos shown below are intended to mostly show off the scenery. These photos might have been taken at any time during any type of run session so you may see an odd train in a photo.

The photos are thumbnails. Click on the photo to see the full sized version.

May 8, 1954

A shot looking westward from the Jacobs Fuel area
Looking east towards Jaite
Jaite looking at Jacobs Fuel to the right
From the end of the passenger platform looking west toward the now removed tunnel
From the old abandoned mine area looking down on the active line
Looking at the roundhouse and power house in Valley yard
Valley yard from atop the power plant building (how did that guy get up there?)
Looking out from behind the bridge near Willow
July 17, 1954

CVT  0-10-2 # 140 switches in valley yard.

#140 continues to switch cars while #200 works the west end trim job.

CVT 0-8-0 #200 is dumping ash while #401 continues to be readied for service.

Early in the morning CVT Mikado #401 is readied for a run at Valley Yard.
August 7, 1954

CVT #284 and 280 at the Valley Yard engine facility
CVT # 280 on the ready track
CVT 284 at Valley Yard
CVT 284 and 280 double head on train 82 at Willow

Train 82 heads east through Akron
The next place we caught # 82 was at Valley Junction.  After a crew change and the engines were serviced, the engines returned on train 81 to Cleveland.

Train 81 viewed from the top of the water tank near Case Ave. in Akron.  It's a long way up.

Train 81 arriving at Valley Vard

Train 75 westbound at Brecksville in the evening.

Train 75 further on at Willow.

September 17, 1954

I was up a Valley Yard today. I came between shifts for yard crews so nothing was going on. Only one picture today.