Photos from the
Old Layout

Photos from Around the Old Layout

Click on the photo to see a larger version. Photos by Matt Mitchin, upload and captions by Bryan Porter.

The group from Christmas 2001
Here is a CVT extra coming by Valley yard lead. (15 second movie)
PRR F-7's traverse the curve passing PennPaper co. in Penninsula.
Yard job getting some work done in the industrial area.
CVT transfer caboose awaits its next local assignment
CVT relief crew fixing a mess the yard crew made trying to drag too many loads on weak rail.
Before the relief crew got on site.
A B&O local traverses the CVT trackage on its way back to the B&O interchange.
The B&O local on its way to the CVT interchange point facing a NYC style signal.
A CVT GP-9 and a Mike await thier next assignment in Valley yard.
Ohio Railcorp also has trackage rights and has a restricted signal at Hudson.
Steel extra 745 with leased Conrail power has an absolute stop at Hudson.
A PRR coal drag trods through Valley yard with one of the brand new C&O style 2-10-4's.
Youngstown and Western contracted the CVT shops to do a boiler overhaul for them. Here the engine is being turned to be put in a train to be hauled back to them.
Brand new CVT 2520 awaits the crews to come look her over before she gets slapped into service.
Refrigerator Extra had an issue on the branch line just outside of Penninsula when two cars in the consist tried to take a short cut to Penninsula.
CVT relief train is getting ready to rerail the refeer express.
CVT general frieght #5673 heads west with merchandise for PX interlocking.
The view under the branch line trestle the shop guys get when they get to work.
W&LE draggs a string of empties to the mine.
W&LE empties to mine.
A CVT RS-3 comes out of the old line tunnel with a string of cars picked up at the Brewster interchange.
One of CVT's new 50 foot furnature cars spotted for loading.
A view of Valley yard from the yard lead.
Leased Conrail 6811 and sister sit at the coal dock awaiting service to be returned to home rails.
New Conrail engine is pulling up to pick up its train and head back to home rails.