Northampton Layout

Now that we have a place you all need to know where it is. It's near the intersection of Bath and Northampton roads in Cuyahoga Falls. You can see a full map HERE with some notations about where to enter and where to park, like the photo to the right.

There are some rules:
  • You must park at the front of the building. No parking around the back side where our entrance is unless you are unloading stuff.
  • You will need to walk around the side of the building to the back where our entrance is. It's the door to the left of the garage door.
  • We are sharing this space with the Northampton Historical Society. They already have some stuff stored there and we must work around them. Please do not disturb any of their stuff.
  • We are sharing the BUILDING with the police department who occasionally uses the upstairs and part of the basement for training. We MUST NOT INTERFERE WITH THEIR OPERATIONS!
  • Although we have generally unlimited access it is probably best to visit during daylight hours. Navigating the hill around to the back at night WILL require that you carry a flashlight so you can see where you're going.